Royal Gibraltar Police (RGP) rescue sparrow hawk from marauding gulls

Sparrow hawk in capable and caring hands.

AN RGP marine patrol off of Europa Point spotted an affray out to sea where a number of possibly Spanish seagulls were ‘mobbing’ a plucky young sparrow hawk according to a report issued by the RGP over the Easter weekend.

Once it hit the water, the crew of the Sir John Chapple was able to rush to its rescue, scare off the seagulls and recover the bird before it drowned.

Now handed over to the Raptor unit of the Gibraltar Ornithological & Natural History Society (GONHS), the one-year-old as yet unnamed sparrow hawk can look forward to a period of recuperation in safety.


According to the RGP, the result of their work was RGP Marine Crew United 1 – 0 FC Seagulls


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