Police confiscate knock off items

COUNTERFEIT: Items seized included handbags, sunglasses and wallets.

HUNDREDS of knock off items have been seized in Benalmadena and Torremolinos by the National Police. 

To be exact, 331 counterfeit handbags, headphones, sunglasses, wallets and trainers were among the goods confiscated by the police. 

Six people were arrested on March 16 in connection with the crime.


Police started investigating after complaints were made by local residents and shopkeepers as the fake goods were being sold in tourist hotspots.  

After carrying out several enquiries and investigations, a group of Senegalese and Mauritanian nationals were located by police and subsequently arrested. 

Items with the total value of €4,700 have been seized.


  1. Excellent! Now lets see them ( policia ) do the same in Banús. At times there are more ” looky-looky ” men than tourists and nothing gets done about it.


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