On average nearly 20 abuse complaints recorded a day

AGAINST VIOLENCE: Protests are regularly held in Spain protesting against gender violence.

DESPITE attempts by the government to tackle this social scourge, the courts of Alicante Province continue to record a torrent of complaints for mistreatment and gender violence.

The General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ) has just released 2015 data and Alicante reappears again as one of the most affected areas. There were 6,760 complaints last year with 6,101 bringing their assailants to justice. Last year there was an average of 18.5 complaints made every single day.

The report prepared by the CGPJ also revealed that Alicante is the sixth Spanish province with more cases per 10,000 women, with a rate of 72.4; and ninth in relation to the number of victims per 10,000 women (65.3). 


Alicante was also criticised for the “scarcity” of protection orders granted being eleventh from bottom. In total, last year 1,842 were processed. Of these, 463 were refused. Of the 1,842, 1,225 are Spanish adults, 18 national citizens who have not yet turned 18; 595 are foreign adults, and four foreign minors.

Meanwhile the Generalitat Valenciana said it has intensified in recent months its efforts to try to combat gender violence. 

The general director of the Valencian Institute for Women and Gender Equality, Anaïs Menguzzato, said that the Consell has launched a plan for coeducation in schools, will increase teacher training and will strengthen the network of protection for victims. 

However, these efforts are falling short for now. Menguzzato herself admitted that abused women have to wait an average of three weeks to be treated at the 24-hour Women’s Centre of Alicante and six weeks at the Valencia centre. 

“When we finish the current contract with the companies that manage the service in 2017, we will develop some new plans which will also include the hiring of more staff which is required.”


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