Llucmajor solar park plan revised

© flickr by Antonio Rodríguez Fernán
ES CAP BLANC: The La Marina Solar Park is planned for the area of Es Cap Blanc.

THE developer for Llucmajor’s proposed solar park has presented authorities with a drastically reduced version of the photovoltaic project.

La Marina Solar Park which had been planned to fill 97.4 hectares with the photovoltaic system will now occupy only 20.23 in the modified project. The new proposal represents a reduction of 47.16 hectares and 70,506 modules.

The company Llucmajor Photovoltic plans to install the park in the area of Marina-Cap Blanc near the bay of Palma and the Red Electrica substation which is in the process of being built.


Both the La Marina and Santa Cirga solar parks have faced opposition.  Manacor’s Santa Cirga photovoltaic park has already presented two reductions to the initial plan and is now awaiting political approval. La Marina, however, is still pending both technical and political approval.



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