Urban beach replaces unloved artificial lagoon

CLOT DE MINGOT: Altea’s mayor and councillors discuss work in progress.

THE budget has been reduced and work was stalled for 15 months, but Altea’s remodelled seafront is nearing completion.

Mayor Jaume Llinares, councillors Imma Orozco, Roque Ferrer and Beatriu Nomdedeu recently visited the Clot de Mingot beach to see the work. They discussed the project with Tragsa, the publicly-owned company that is finishing the undertaking its private sector predecessors could not finish after filing for bankruptcy.

Points raised included concerns about the high percentage of gravel amongst the pebbles deposited at the Clot de Mingot urban beach that is replacing the Charco, the unloved artificial lagoon.


The promenade linking Plaza de Europa at the foot of Calle Garganes with the Algar rivermouth was also discussed as the town hall believes it could give direct access to the new beach. “The distance between the beach’s natural accesses is too great and this will make it more user-friendly,” Llinares said.


  1. Lycra louts, casual cyclists and remodelling Altea’s seafront.

    Let’s hope that Altea Mayor Llinares and his council use the opportunity to clamp down on arrogant, or ignorant cyclists riding along pedestrian pavements at the seafront. While all in favour of encouraging cycling, this should not be done at the expense of pedestrians.

    Lycra louts and casual cyclists are putting children, pensioners and walkers in general in danger.

    Create cycle lanes, yes, but carve them out of roads, and reduce the traffic flow to discourage motorists.

    Altea’s previous attempts to accommodate bicycles included creating a bike lane by painting a blue path through the pedestrianised central and northern parts of the Paseo. The council then belatedly reversed track by creating a cycle bypass on the central part.

    The problem is that cyclists rarely use it,and instead prefer to cycle, often at high speed and/or in groups along the pavement, putting the safety of walkers at risk.

    Why is this loutish behaviour permitted? The council needs to put up “cycling forbidden” signs, and raise money to built better facilities for bikers, by hitting them with on-the-spot fines.

    Nearby Alfas de Pie has managed to sharply reduce car traffic along its seafront and create paths to separate walkers and cyclists. Hopefully Altea can up its game and do the same!


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