Unusual Easter sports in the UK

© Graham Lewis / Flickr
Easter egg roll.

BOTTLE kicking is a sport that takes place in Leicestershire on Easter Monday. 

The bottles are three small barrels, two of which are filled with beer and the other is empty.  One of the barrels is placed on the top of a hill and teams fight over it, trying to get it down their side of the hill. Whoever wins gets the beer inside. Then the game is played with the empty barrel, and the winners get the second barrel of ale. 

Egg-rolling competitions are still fairly common in the UK. The rules are often different from place to place. Children roll coloured hard-boiled eggs down the grass slopes in local parks. The winner is the person whose egg is the first to the bottom that is unbroken. 


On the island of Harris, in Scotland, a variation on this tradition means that if your egg gets to the bottom of the hill unbroken, you will have good luck for the rest of the year. In some places it’s the egg that rolls the farthest that is the winner.



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