First homeless census conducted in Elche

© Pedro Ribeiro Simões

ELCHE has conducted a census of the homeless in the city for the first time and identified 50 people living on the streets.

Recognising those who are spending the night sleeping in doorways, on park benches and on the streets was the first step by the town hall to create a package of measures that will launch through social services.

The initiative, launched during the first quarter of this year, has emerged from the need to update the information of all the necessary resources made available for the homeless. The creation of the census has allowed the council to work with the various groups already helping these people.


One of the first actions to be carried out by the local government is to implement the recovery of more rooms for homeless at the Caritas hostel. It currently has space for 30 people but was an initiative that ceased to exist with the PP government “but we wanted to recover this service,” said Teresa Macia, Councillor for Social Services.

The city will also restore five social housing projects, across different districts of the city. 

The councillor confirmed that twice this year the ‘cold protocol’ had been activated. When temperatures fell below five degrees blankets and food were handed out  to people on the streets. Local Police are responsible for detecting all people on the street and to work with the Caritas hostel for accommodation.  




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