Clocks go forward tonight in Britain and in Spain

Sun Ladder via Wikipedia
Rise and shine

IT may come as a shock to learn that the great British Summer actually lasts a good six months and not four or five days as is commonly supposed. The inevitable season of blue skies and brilliant sunshine will begin tomorrow at 1am (although you should give it a few hours from then before complaining) when the clocks move forward one hour.

Known as Daylight Saving, this phenomemon also takes place in Spain so all the Brits living here can rest assured that they will remain in the future, always one solid hour ahead of Blighty.

Remember the clocks are moving forward, not backwards, meaning that if you normally wake up at 8am, it will feel like 7am.


It also means that, unlike October when the clocks go back, this is the time you can arrive for work an hour late and blame the clocks. 



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