Brussels arrests see possible ‘man in white’ charged with deadly attacks

The man in white

TWO suspects have been arrested by Belgian police in connection with the terrorist atrocities committed in Brussels on Tuesday, with speculation that one of them is the so-called ‘man in white’ who was captured on CCTV in the airport before the attacks.

That individual has been tentatively named as Faycal C and charged with participation in a terrorist group, terrorist killings and attempted terrorist killings. 

Authorities have thus far declined to confirm whether the man is indeed the suspect who’s image has been broadcast around the world aside two brothers, confirmed as Daesh militants. 


A second man, Aboubakar A,  was arrested separately in a car in another part of Brussels, has also been charged with participating in terrorist activities, a further individual named as Rabah N, has been charged with participating in terrorist activities in relation to the Paris investigation.

European police have withstood a torrent of criticism over claims made by the Turkish authorities that one of the suspects had been in custody and released to the Netherlands with a warning as to his terrorist proclivities. Turkish officials have also stated that there was a concerted effort on behalf of European authorities to send militants to Syria, a preventative measure that has had devastating consequences for the continent as they return radicalised and with military experience. 



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