British police officers requested in Mallorca

© flickr by Jonathan Skaines
BRITISH POLICE: May be on patrol in Mallorca again this summer.

SPANISH delegate to the Balearic Islands Teresa Palmer has asked the Minister of the Interior for British police to be put on patrol again this summer.

Palmer wants to repeat collaboration with police from Britain, by having two British officers patrol with the Guardia Civil for a few days in the areas of Palmanova and Magaluf.

Calvia Mayor Alfonso Rodriguez Badal emphasised that the municipality appreciates the work done last year by a pair of British officers, who sparked the interest of national and international media. 


The mayor reiterated his request that more police come and for a longer period of time calling last year’s cooperative a ‘valuable experience’.

Palmer did not confirm the presence of the officers this year, but said the Ministry of the Interior is in the process of requesting future collaborative agreements with foreign police, to repeat the experience of having mixed international patrols.  

Palmer added they have already requested increased police presence this summer and for the officers to stay for longer.



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