Beware low flying footballs warning for aircraft landing at Gibraltar

HM Government of Gibraltar
Net over pitch 2 at the Bayside Sports Centre

THE GIBRALTAR government has announced that following serious and genuine concerns regarding the fact that there has been an increase in the number of footballs entering the runway from pitch No 2 at the Bayside Sports Centre, roof netting which covers just under a third of the playing area has been installed. 

The net which starts from the airport boundary fence heading in a southerly direction was the solution that was deemed both suitable by the Ministry of Defence, the Royal Air Force and Air Traffic Control whilst remaining practical for the Gibraltar Sports and Leisure Authority to install in a short space of time.

When assessing the works the Minister for Sport the Hon. Steven Linares said that “Although it is unfortunate that there has been an element of disruption to the normal use of the facility, after considering options and actually testing some interim measures, the netting was the only option left to mitigate the initial concerns.  


The safety of those on board both inbound and outbound aircraft cannot be compromised however this project has shown that whilst working within certain parameters a solution can be found that meets all requirements.”



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