Tourist rental ban extended


LICENSES for tourist rentals have been a contentious issue across Spain as regions including Andalucia and Mallorca seek to restrict the ability of property owners to rent out their homes to tourists outside an ever tightening regulatory framework.

In Barcelona a moratorium on new licenses was issued as the authorities sought to cobble together new laws on the practice and now it has been extended for another year. 

The moratorium was due to expire in July but the local authority has extended it for administrative reasons while they await the passing of a draft bill that will determine the precise method under which licenses are granted. 


The new regime of left-wing mayor Ada Colau has proven controversial in property spheres to say the least. The former citizens’ rights activist has previously criticised a possible bubble emerging in Barcelona’s housing market. 

Escalating rental prices and house prices have distinguished the Catalan capital in recent years but opinion is divided as to whether various developments have had a positive or negative impact on the city.

Tourist rentals are a key piece of the puzzle with the hotel industry in particular trying to rein in individuals across Spain who currently let out their homes to tourists even on a rare or part time basis. 



  1. Its about time Spain realised that old business is not new business. The hotel industry cannot continue to lobby this obvious rubbish to save their buildings. Instead they need to find new ways and be innovative like the rest of us. The fact that the general public is clued up on this and the politicos are not shows clearly the egotism of this stagnant industry. Air BnB all the way i am afraid, Spain…you need to grow up…


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