Six Belgium Terror Arrests

Six arrests have been made in Brussels

DURING a special anti-terror operation six people have been arrested in Brussels. According to Belgium’s interior minister the investigation followed the bombings at the airport and metro station on March 22 where over 30 people were murdered and over 300 injured.

Spokesman Eric van der Sypt said that three of the suspects had been detained “outside the door of the federal prosecutor’s office” in the centre of Brussels.

Anti- Terror Police wearing balaclavas have been carrying out coordinated raids across the city, include Jette, a neighbourhood to the west of the city.


Schaerbeek has also seen different raids without any arrests at present; this is the same district where an un-exploded nail bomb and Daesh flag were found only hours after Tuesday’s attacks.

These reports from Belgium come amid searches for a third man who is believed to be on the run following Tuesday’s atrocities. He is thought to have been one of the bombers at the airport and it now on the country’s terror list.

Ibrahim and Khalid Bakraoui are two brothers who have been named as being spotted at the airport before blowing themselves up and were both already on Belgium’s terror list.

French Police have also been extremely active in the ever increasing threat of terror and arrested a suspect on Thursday March 24 who was in the “advanced stages” of a plot to attack the country. A bomb squad was in attendance on a raid in Argenteuil to the north of the city. A French national is now being interrogated by French police

Bernard Cazeneuve, French interior minister said: “He was part of a terrorist network that planned to strike France.”

He continued that there were no clear links currently between the attacks in Paris and Brussels.

The feeling across vast swatches of the continent is understandably one of mounting fear. One Parisian said to news sources; “Given the context everybody is really frightened. My son has already told me that he doesn’t want to go to school in the morning.”

Currently US Secretary of State John Kerry is visiting Brussels to show support to the people of Brussels and is due to pay tribute to the victims, visiting the airport whilst meeting government members to discuss the fight against terror.




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