There’s only one solution

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ALIEN CULTURE: Will be unleashed without restriction on to our societies.

THE game, in my opinion, is well and truly up!

WHEN are our pussyfooting politicians going to realise that there is only one solution to the ‘refugee’ problem? They have to annihilate the reason for them all coming here in the first place. They must completely destroy Daesh.  

Their latest attempt at a solution is a sick joke. This week’s meeting of European leaders should have been to form a war cabinet. 


So what do they do instead? Decide to give billions of euros to Turkey, promising its 68 million mainly Muslim residents a fast track into the EU if they take them all back! This to a country that is no more European than the Peruvian Incas and whose alien culture, unleashed without restriction on to our societies, would be the final nail in the coffin of Western ideals and democracy as we know it. 

And the biggest laugh of all? Every single one of these immigrants is entitled to legal representation to decide whether they should be made to leave or not! ‘Uman rights lawyers and judges are rubbing their hands and packing their bags as we speak, en route to the Greek islands for a working holiday that will take years, and who’s going to foot their undoubtedly exorbitant fees? I don’t really have to insult your intelligence do I? It’s all a very expensive joke, perpetrated by politicians with no more courage than the Lion of Oz. 

Well, I’ll tell you if we don’t take the bull by the horns and enter into a full, no holds barred war against these animals, we are all finished. We need a European army of at least a half a million troops, kitted out with all the modern hardware necessary to complete the job. There really is no other way. 

Despite my earlier misgivings, recent events have absolutely convinced me, if we want to retain any national identity and indeed our sanity, we simply have to opt out of Europe. Quite frankly, when the leader of our nation has to go cap in hand to Brussels to plead for the right to lift the tax on tampons, the game, in my opinion, is well and truly up!


Keep the faith.
Love Leapy



  1. I have two points to make here.
    This is a world wide problem far larger than any single government can handle and any response should be by the United Nations. (who unfortunately are not very United at all).
    My second point is that the likes of the Taliban and ISIS. Can only be stopped by the total extermination of all their men,women and children because the doctrine is so deeply ingrained.
    I have actually been in a situation during my military days when we were stopped from using a weapon by th UN because it was too extreme. The people we were fighting now control the country where this occurred.

  2. Once again you have hit the nail on the head Leapy!
    I agree wholeheartedly with what you say here, but I fear that the politicians are just not up to the job.

    Without doubt they have made a complete mess of the whole thing ever since that stupid woman Merkel opened her big mouth inviting all and sundry to come here.

    For that she should be arrested and thrown in jail, for she is the root cause of all the current misery in Europe.

  3. Your plan to lighten up a bit , was a quick flash in the pan, Leapy.
    Given the continuous, senseless atrocities perpetuated in the name of an invisible benefactor.
    I am forced to wonder why countless Imans aren’t speaking out loud and clear, on every media source.
    ” You can’t get to heaven if you kill innocent people.! That is NOT a jihad.! “
    ” It is Murder or more accurately slaughter. nota bene… – N.V.A (No Virgings Available.)”

    Perhaps there are two reasons that Imans remain quiet….
    1 – They totally support the terrorists.!
    2 – They are scared to death of the terrorists.

    If it’s the 2nd., then they can’t be dedicated believers, otherwise they wouldn’t be afraid of death. It’s just a pleasant release from the suffering they all endure on Earth. Paradise awaits them. So they believe.!
    Let’s keep that in mind when we ponder their silence.

    Until we have politicians that can think like and out think these monstrous murderers we will have no peace.

  4. Imams DO speak up. They openly condemn terrorism and whenever there’s an attack, they’re the first to slam the perpetrators. Don’t you read the news???!!!!
    And the Brussels attackers were Belgian. And the Paris attackers were French. They were born in the countries they bombed. How did ‘opening the doors’ cause that?!?!?! They didn’t need doors opening, because they were born there.
    DAESH are not Muslims. They don’t even try to justify their violence using theology – they don’t care what anyone thinks of them. This is from an anti-Jihad prosecutor. Terrorists have been seen drinking alcohol and openly saying they don’t give a whatsit about the Q’ran.
    Afghanistan, Pakistan and Jordan have openly condemned the attacks. Every Muslim interviewed condemns the attacks. Imams are ALWAYS quoted in the press condemning terrorism and saying anyone caught ‘radicalising’ will be ostracised from their community. Muslims are also killed and injured in terrorist attacks. Many were on the train to Atocha on March 11, 2004. I’ve heard Muslims in viva voce using ferocious words to describe terrorists, who ruin THEIR lives as well (Tunisia and Egypt have no tourism now. Terrorists have killed the jobs of the Muslim communities who lived off it).
    So, can we just stop the racism, please? It’s collective racism which is actually FUELLING terrorism.
    If the PSOE gets into power, it wants to outlaw hate speech. I can’t wait. It’s about time somebody did.

  5. I agree with most of what you say Kally. I live in Holland and I have worked in Pakistan, I have many Muslim friends and they are all devastated by the atrocaties
    committed in the name of Islam. It makes their lives unbearable, for no fault of their own.
    I also read the press but see little if any clerics denouncing these maniacs. However….
    I did read that Imam Maulana Habib Ur Rehman of Glasgow Central Mosque, used the messaging platform WhatsApp to show his support for Mumtaz Qadri a Pakistani terrorist.
    Or is it perhaps that the media only print the bad news to incite fear and bad feelings.

  6. @Roy León, it probably depends largely upon the media publishing the stories. We know there are some pretty foul tabloids owned by right-wing extremists in the UK, whose headlines would have editors in European papers arrested. There could be reasons why

  7. Thankyou Kally for this posting. It appears that the author of this awful piece does read the news but only of the type that you mentioned in your reply to Roy Leon. There are very strong reasons to doubt the “official” explanations of Paris and Brussels, to mention only two events in recent history.What this man Pulleyblank and his sycophantic followers never discuss is the responsibility of Western powers or neo-colonialists and their collusion in the utterly criminal behaviour in the Middle East over the last few years, and in the case of the British and French over the last century and more. The politicians that Pulleyblank accuses of incompetence in the policies being undertaken now is innaccurate. They are criminals with a clear agenda. Destabilization of Libya, Iraq, Syria and the whole area in order to control oil, pipelines and then have a go at Iran. It will end in complete disaster for us all if we follow such narrowminded suggestions as going in to kill and destroy what is left. There is another solution of course. Own up to the crimes, stop providing the weapons, training and support to ISIS or DAESH and start the real process of reconciliation, not to mention a massive reconstruction program to try to mitigate the damage that they have caused. The complete removal of the current British Tory party might be a start. Followed by real prosecutions for war crimes. Chilcot release immediately.

  8. Completely agree, Jonathan. Then there’s the sale of arms to countries at war or with proven track records of poor human rights (like Saudi). Something’s corrupt at the core and no doubt it centres on money and power.
    DAESH actually LOVES islamophobia: it leads to Muslim communities becoming segregated, impressionable youth feeling ‘outsiders’ in the only country they’ve ever lived in, and bingo! Cannon-fodder for manipulative recruiters. Mlle Ait Boulahcen, who may or may not have blown herself up in St Dénis, used to walk round her sink estate slugging vodka from a bottle. When questioned she said, “je me fous du Q’ran,” and “I just want to go to Syria.” Clearly not Muslim. Likewise the Bakraoui brothers in Molenbeek; heavy drinkers with no particular religious sentiments.
    These youths get paid about €50k to stage an attack, so if they’re not suicide bombers, this is quite a carrot. DAESH wants simple, quick ways of perpetrating chaotic attacks; young mugs willing to die for the cause are perfect pawns, and it’s easy enough to convince the suckers to do it.
    I wonder: could some western govs have a vested interest in ‘promoting’ racisim & islamophobia? After all, this feeds the terrorism movement, inflaming the Mid-East…
    And bombing ISIS won’t solve it. It might make us feel better, but it’ll just inflame things. ISIS only knows violence; it’s what they do best & they’ll just respond with more of it. It’s gov intelligence they haven’t got, and we have…

  9. There are huge areas of populated land in Canada, Russia Kazakhstan etc. Why don,t the United nations
    Negotiate with these countries and set up a whole new state fo accommodate all these people.

    They didn,t seem to mind handing a huge chunk of some other nations land to help create Israel ar the end of WW 2 so why not do it again.

    This time it will be founded by agreement and not surrender to terrorism

  10. Probably no need to create a ‘new State’ to house them. Canada’s already agreed to take 25,000 refugees and would probably agree to lots more once the initial 25,000 are settled; the US has room for a few – lots of Cambodians live there after being resettled following the genocide; Spain is actively protesting in the streets about the fact they haven’t been given any yet (well, 18. Big deal). They have a ferry firm on stand-by to collect them, town councils raising money for them and residents waiting to accommodate them in their homes. Spanish town halls have torn down the EU flag in protest over the Turkey deal, which they say – quite rightly – is illegal and a blatant violation of human rights. Quite a hefty number could be resettled already, and Spain wants to know why Europe’s at this ridiculous impasse whilst people continue to die. It’s political, I’m sure. Too many right-wing governments have got into power in Europe and are refusing to take them because ‘they might be terrorists’ and ‘we don’t want foreigners’. Getting the whole 28 to agree on decisive action is proving incredibly hard. The UN needs to start stamping its feet, I believe. Maybe that’s a very simplified-sounding solution, but given my lack of specialist knowledge of foreign affairs policy-making, I can’t think of any other way. The crucial point is that these people cannot survive another winter without proper homes, medical care, food, and schooling for their kids.


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