Suspected terrorist accepts extradition

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Salah Abdeslam will not fight extradition.

ONE OF the suspects of the horrific Paris attacks that occurred last November has stated that he will not fight extradition from Belgium to Paris. 

Salah Abdeslam is one of the main suspects in the investigations into the attacks that killed 130 people and was arrested after a raid on Friday 18 March. 

The latest attacks to rock the western world, in Brussels, on Wednesday 22, have so far killed over 30 people and it is suspected that they are connected to the Paris attacks through the same terrorist cell and potentially in response to Abdeslam’s arrest.


Sven Mary, Abdeslam’s lawyer, told media in France that he “wishes to leave for France as quickly as possible” so he could “explain himself in France”.

Earlier statements issued by Mr Mary had revealed that the 26-year-old French national who was born in Belgium wanted to fight the extradition. 

The lawyer also stated that Abdeslam did not have prior knowledge of the Brussels bombings and had stopped co-operating with police following the latest attacks. 



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