Slippery thieves steal 300 tons of olives but are caught

© Guardia Civil
One of the trucks containing olives.

OFFICERS from the Toledo and Ciudad Real sections of the Guardia Civil have uncovered a gang of olive thieves who are believed to have sold 300 tons of the fruit to oil producers and have arrested 23 people.

The operation which went under the title of Maloliva discovered that these thieves spread their nets far and wide, purloining the little buds of oil from olive groves in Toledo, Ciudad Real Caceres, Jaen, Cordoba and Malaga and selling them in Ciudad Real and Badajoz

In addition, five people said to be involved with the oil factories have been arrested and 18 tons of olives together with several vehicles were seized. The accused have been charged and released to await trial.




  1. It is hard for me to understand how 300 tons of olives could be stolen. That is a huge amount of olives which would have required a huge amount of harvesting by equipment, not by hand. How could anyone go into large olive groves and do that without anyone noticing ? How many trees does it take to produce 300 tons? Something about this article does not make sense to me.

  2. I was amazed but that was the amount quoted in the ?Gaurdia Civil release. Will double check on Monday but this was an industrial size theft and the accompanying picture showed a tipper lorry loaded down with olives that they had recovered.



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