Silent love on the wings of the wind

© Flickr Malcom Surgenor
Remarkable solidarity shows why Mallorca flourishes.

Flags were raised at half mast across Mallorca as citizens and civic leaders united in their unanimous condemnation of the atrocious terrorist attacks in Brussels. 

The political class at the Balearic Parliament held a moment of silence in tribute to the victims, and their lead was dutifully followed by public institutions of all shapes and sizes.

President of the Balearic Islands, Francina Armengol, offered her heartfelt condolences to families and called for unity across nations to combat the scourge of terrorism, while the island’s bishop Javier Salinas prayed for the victim’s eternal rest. 


As long term expatriates and local residents will know, Mallorca is a wonderfully close-knit society, and this was reflected in the moving, mournful scenes which crept across an island which has a strong relationship with the heart of Europe through its expatriate communities. 

Unfortunately Britons and Spaniards alike know all too well what it means, and how it feels, to experience terrorism and bloodshed on their shores. 

But just as this experience revives fear and confusion, it also nourishes the collective strength of a people who will not be cowed by the actions of cowards, no matter how vile.

What is now clear beyond all doubt is that, in this interconnected world we live in, the fate of the few is shared by the many. Many on this island have been to Brussels, know people there, and welcome their tourists with open arms year after year. It is a connection they share with the people of Paris and London, and one which was celebrated yesterday in a show of unity and defiance. 

Luckily there were no victims among residents of the Balearic Islands, though there were a few near misses. But when it comes to defending ourselves against the barbarism of those who would have us dead, it will not be luck which saves us, but one another. 


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