Genetic research into the risk of thrombosis

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THROMBOSIS RESEARCH: Scientists are working on new genetic techniques.

A TEAM at Alicante’s General Hospital are working on new genetic techniques to measure the risk of thrombosis.

The Haematology Department  is conducting studies of genes in patients under the age of 55 in which there is no clear cause of the disease. The aim is to measure the genetic risk and be able to inform families and allow them to take preventive measures against the disease. 

It is believed with preventative measures mortality rates can be reduced by more than 25 per cent. Thrombosis is a blood clot that can happen in veins or arteries. 


Stopping smoking, losing weight and taking regular physical activity all reduce the risk of thrombus formation but in addition, each person has a genetic make-up that predisposes them to suffer thrombosis. You cannot change your genetics, but the researchers believe that by being able to detect who is more viable to the disease, more cases can be prevented.


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