Every parent’s worst nightmare: Having a missing child like Madeleine McCann

KATE MCCANN: Recently said she’ll be in an eternal state of limbo.

NINE years after the disappearance of her daughter Madeleine from their Portuguese holiday home, Kate McCann revealed she’ll be in an ‘eternal state of limbo’ until she discovers what happened. “All parents of missing children say the same thing. You just can’t rest without knowing, often it’s like a physical thing, limbo, a feeling, just not at peace.”

But she hasn’t lost hope in finding Madeleine, despite resources being recently scaled back by police, an operation that has cost to date over £11m. 

No Way Back, the latest in my psychological crime thriller series featuring journalist Alice Myers, has a character based on a Kate McCann-like figure. 


A woman who can’t rest until she discovers the fate of her own daughter who went missing 26 years earlier. A woman so obsessed with closure and peace of mind in her unending search for the truth, she’d maybe contemplate blackmail, even murder.   

The plot focuses on the discovery in a Peak District village of the body of another young girl, who eerily resembles the mysterious stranger’s child who disappeared in similar circumstances, by a family man and soon the prime murder suspect. This unleashes a train of events that devastates him, his family and local community alike. 

When his attempts to clear his name fail, hampered by the stranger from his past, his friend Alice desperately risks her life to bring the killer to justice. 

Everybody has secrets that are safely stored away. But when secrets are unleashed, the truth can wreak havoc – and the truth can kill. Vengeance and unspeakable crimes close in on this tiny Peak District village. 

Everyone has an opinion about the McCanns. They made a huge error of judgement when they left their children alone, but they’ve paid the highest price for it. But then, should parents leave their children in a car when they nip to the shops, or in a pram outside them?

But it’s not just about what they did, it’s what the kidnapper did. Someone abducted Madeleine and the McCanns have to live every day with that knowledge. A tormented family that needs closure, peace of mind whatever the outcome. Does the Kate McCann-like figure in my just-published thriller with its final double twist find this?

Nora Johnson’s thrillers ‘No Way Back’, ‘Landscape of Lies’, ‘Retribution’, ‘Soul Stealer’, ‘The De Clerambault Code’ (www.nora-johnson.com) available from Amazon in paperback/eBook (€0.89;£0.79) and iBookstore. All profits to Cudeca charity. 


  1. Totally agree – there isn’t a way to describe how horrible it must be for them to live with this thought, the article is nice – thought provoking.

  2. [quote]Totally agree – there isn’t a way to describe how horrible it must be for them to live with this thought, the article is nice – thought provoking.[/quote]

    They have been living with lies for almost nine years Veronica.They know what happened to their Daughter they were the last people to see her alive
    The dogs found scent of a Cadaver & Blood in the Apartment of 5 A
    Whose scent and blood was it when no one ever died in that Apt. ?
    Yes very thought provoking indeed

  3. Final double twist? Does the woman in your book confess to the police about the invention of an abductor, concealing of a corpse and her own perverting the course of justice? Or is she so ‘Kate like’ that she sets up a fraudulent ‘fighting fund’ to harass people, hide the truth and pay crooks to pretend to search for her daughter?
    Hmm..Must read….


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