Easter but not for eggs

A range of chocolate eggs produced for Easter.

ALTHOUGH it has been happening for some years, social media and the press has been buzzing this Easter about the lack of the very word Easter on Easter Eggs.

Slowly but surely, the word has been removed by the majority of major manufacturers in what is considered by many as a cynical gesture to ensure that those who are not Christian are not offended by the fact that they might be purchasing a religious egg.

To the manufacturer’s, it’s like the eponymous Curate’s Egg, good in parts but they do deny that there is any religious reason for removal of the word from the packaging and it is just to make the wording on the packaging more attractive.


Its good news however for a company called the Meaningful Chocolate Company which not only uses free trade chocolate but markets the ‘Real Easter Egg’ with packaging which when opened forms a cross and pictures the story of the crucifixion.

Certain churches are promoting this special egg and it is now stocked in branches of Morrisons, Tesco and Waitrose, whilst it also has its own website.

Whilst it appears that more people have complained about the perceived change in the recipe of the chocolate used for Cadbury Creme Eggs than the change in the name, there are some politically correct people who insist that they should now be called Spring Spheres.



  1. when we first came to spain in 1987 we had problems to get our son an easter egg and friends and family used to get them for us.
    we found a restaurant (german) that did them and always got him one there.
    This year I did notice that it seems it is all bunnies but whether they say Easter bunny or not I did not notice.
    I know we said that the cadburys cream eggs are available all year and most people I know do not like them they are too sweet.
    Have we not bowed and scraped to them enought?


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