Costa del Sol says together we stand, divided we fall


In the end we will remember not the violence of our enemies but the silence of our friends. Yesterday, however, citizens and civic leaders across the Costa del Sol showed that a moment’s silence is more powerful than a thousand words. 

People laid bare their solidarity with the victims of the barbaric terrorist attacks in Brussels, as moving ceremonies from Marbella to Mijas bore witness to a swell of sympathy tinged with anger and defiance. 

Standing before the Belgian flag, which will remain symbolically raised at the town hall, Jose Bernal offered “The solidarity of Marbella to the Belgian community in an especially tough moment after an attack that has also damaged Europe’s stability.”


He was joined by the mayors of Benalmadena, Mijas, and San Roque, along with countless other local leaders who stood united in their condemnation. 

These were, to be sure, symbolic gestures, unknown to the grieving families who mourn the loss of their loved ones so violently and suddenly torn from them. 

But they were symbols nevertheless. Proof, that the people of the Costa del Sol form an indivisible union of humanity with the people of Brussels, the people of Paris, of Madrid, New York and London.

Proof, that whether British or Spanish, fearful or courageous, alone or surrounded by family and friends, one side of the coin cannot exist without the other.

Times like these show today, more than ever, the eternal value of community, expressed even across nations, in a wordless minute.



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