Maundy Thursday in Malaga – Landing of the Legion

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Warship carrying legionnaires arrives in Malaga.

HUNDREDS of people amassed port-side in Malaga, waiting since the early hours of the morning, in the hope of securing the perfect position to watch the ´Landing of the legion ceremony´.

The warship landed in Malaga Port carrying the legionnaires where the start of the day long processions begins.

The Mena procession is one of the most famous and much awaited processions throughout Semana Santa. The Procession on the evening of March 24 is expected to depart at 7.50pm from Nuestra Señora del Carmen church, located in El Perchel district. Then it will go through the streets of the city centre until approximately 1.45am.


What makes this procession so popular is that is made up just of legionnaires and that there is no float as the military carry a huge statue of Christ on the cross themselves.


  1. ” Hundreds of people amassed” has the writer ever actually seen the landing of the legion? There are many many THOUSANDS of people in Malaga Port to see this ceremony


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