United we stand, Costa Blanca communities defiant against terror


Citizens and civic leaders across the Costa Blanca have shown their solidarity with the victims of the atrocious terrorist attacks in Brussels and their families. 

Moving ceremonies in Torrevieja and Orihuela bore witness to an overwhelming surge of sympathy and solemnity and also anger and defiance. 

As the world now knows dozens of people were murdered, and hundreds injured, in twin bomb attacks that took place on Tuesday March 22 at the Brussels airport and metro.


While terrorism has stolen innocent lives the world over, residents of both Spain and Britain are regrettably all too familiar with the menace of Islamic fundamentalism. 

There was, however, a glimmer of hope in the sight of officials in Torrevieja holding a minute of silence without hesitation on the very day of the barbarism. To be sure it was a symbolic gesture, unknown to the grieving families who mourn the loss of loved ones so violently and suddenly snatched away from them. 

But it was a symbol nonetheless. A symbol that the people of the Costa Blanca form an indivisible union of humanity with the people of Brussels, the people of Paris, of Madrid, New York and London, with all those who live under the yoke of tyranny and who have seen their dead buried in the wreckage. 

Torrrevieja Mayor Jose Manuel Dolon said: “It’s clear that they are not attacking anyone in particular, that they are in fact attacking humanity, freedom and ways of life which we have adopted in the West to live in peace and democracy.

He added: “This is now an open war, as pacifists we cannot stand to one side and we call upon all citizens to resist and win. There is no other alternative. It’s a battle we are going to win because senseless violence has no future for all it brings is tragedy to humanity. I invite you all to rise up against this barbarity.”


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