Hearse heist in Olula del Rio ends in crash

STOLEN HEARSE: Was quickly located and found badly damaged.

GUARDIA CIVIL Officers in Olula del Rio have arrested three teenagers for allegedly taking a hearse on a wild joyride. 

The vehicle was prepped for a funeral service and parked outside a funeral home when the funeral workers and driver heard voices outside saying, “You take it or I’ll take it, we’re going to Cantoria!”

They ran outside and confirmed that the vehicle had been stolen as the keys had been left in the ignition. 


The victim advised the Guardia Civil, and officers began the search for the vehicle. They quickly located it at the side of the road that joins Olula del Rio with Cantoria, crashed and badly damaged.

Further investigations eventually led the police to the three youngsters, who have been arrested as the presumed perpetrators of the heist and subsequent car crash.



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