Axarquia and the Costa Tropical unite in the face of terrorism


In the wake of acts of unimaginable horror and barbarism, human beings have an innate tendency to come together and look to their loved ones for support. 

In Axarquia and the Costa Tropical, this is exactly what has happened in the aftermath of the attacks in Brussels on March 22. Friends and families have been brought closer together in their shared outrage and sorrow, as various town councils have taken the reins by leading their communities in ceremonies of solidarity and mourning.

In Nerja, a minute’s silence took place just outside the town hall at 12pm on March 23. The flag was flown at half mast, while council members and other Nerja citizens took a moment to reflect on the many lives that were lost in the horrific attacks. 


The council also reminded all of its Belgian residents that they should feel free to contact the town hall about any consultations or enquiries they may have, as the situation unfolds over the coming days and weeks. 

Other municipalities across Axarquia and the Costa Tropical organised similar ceremonies, with a minute’s   silence taking place in Almuñecar and Motril on March 22. In Almuñecar two official days of mourning were declared following the tragedy.

Speaking out against the attacks and terrorism in general, Almuñecar Mayor Trinidad Herrera expressed “the sadness and solidarity of all of Almuñecar and La Herradura with the Belgian people, in the face of the atrocities committed early this morning which have taken so many innocent lives.”  

Meanwhile in Motril, Mayor Flor Almon described the attacks as an attack on democracy itself. She emphasised that “only through unity can we end terrorism once and for all.” 



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