Turkey deal with EU in place but Daesh accused on suicide bomb in Ankara

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Istanbul suicide bomb

DESPITE the fact that the three main opposition groups in the Cortes banded together to insist that the Spanish caretaker government try to obtain changes in the agreement between Brussels and Turkey and despite complaints and opposition from lawyers, interested groups and individuals throughout the EU, the deal with Turkey has now gone through.

Effectively, any ‘migrant’ who enters Greece without papers or is considered not to be a refugee will be returned to Turkey and a so called genuine ‘refugee’ will be allowed into the EU in exchange.

The have been a huge number of desperate people flooding into Greece prior to the agreement deadline and the government there has made it clear that it will have problems in implementing the arrangement in the short term.


According to the Turkish Andalou Agency a four-month-old girl has already drowned in the rush as a boat carrying migrants trying to beat the deadline sank off the Turkish coast.

Under new rules, Turkish passport holders are expected to be granted free right of movement without the need for visas with those countries which are signed up to the Schengen agreement with effect from September 2016 as a prelude to Turkey joining the European Union.

This has not sat well with a huge number of people and groups who fear the possibility of members of Daesh having yet another easy option to allow them into Europe and that fear was given credence following a suicide bomber blowing himself up in Istanbul on March 19, killing four people (three Israelis and one Iranian) injuring 17 including two from Ireland and one from Germany.

According to the Turkish interior minister, the bomber was Mehmet Ozturk in his early twenties who has been identified as a Turkish born member of Daesh and now as a martyr goes to meet his future in paradise with 72 dark eyed virgins or angels depending on the translation from Arabic chosen.



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