British couple’s generous gesture

© Town Hall
FAREWELL GIFT: The Caldwells, Imma Orozco and Vicent Ripoll during the signing.

THE municipality of Altea has been gifted five plots of land. The land in the Alhama Springs urbanisation belongs to a couple identified by the town hall only as Mr and Mrs Caldwell.

Imma Orozco, councillor for Urban Development and acting mayor during the absence of  Mayor Jaume Llinares, and Public Safety councillor Vicent Ripoll, recently formalised the agreement with the Caldwells. 

“This generous gesture on the part of Mr and Mrs Caldwell is their way of expressing their thanks for the years they have spent here, ” Orozco said.  

“They told us that as they are now returning to their country they consider that the land should be returned to its owners, the Alteanos. They have all our gratitude and appreciation,” the councillor said.

The owners’ only condition was the land should not be built on or transferred to private individuals or companies, and should be used for green zones, public areas and gardens.


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