We’d be Paternally Grateful – Fathers march for equal rights

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Fathers with babies.

AN EQUALITY storm was brewing in Madrid with eight Spanish fathers taking to the streets in an effort to secure equal paternity leave. 

The fathers accompanied by their wives and babies in prams went marching to the court on Tuesday 15 to demand the same, 16 weeks, of paternity off. 

“At the moment we take complete responsibility for raising the children and it isn’t fair,” Marta Jimenez, one of the protestors, told Spanish daily El País.


Signs were brandished with the slogans “end maternity leave discrimination” and “equal rights with 100 per cent pay”.

No response had been given following the couples asking the Social Security office for equal parental leave. A legal case has now been instigated due to this lack of response. 

The march comes a few days before Father’s Day this weekend. 

“It seems completely fair to protest for equal leave to look after our children because it is a task that requires a lot of time and dedication,” said Raul Sanchez.

The disgruntled parents were joined by lawyers and representatives from Ppiina – The Platform for Equal and Untransferable Leave for Births and Adoptions. 

They made a statement saying that the fathers’ demands were based on the Spanish constitution, as well as the European Charter of Fundamental Rights.

They continued that both of these points “prohibit any discrimination for reasons of gender and enshrine the right of equality between men and women in all areas”. 

Currently fathers receive 15 days paternity leave whereas mothers get 16 weeks maternity. Mother are also entitled to donate up to 10 weeks of their entitlement to their husbands. 



  1. This is exactly why attorney Jeffery Leving in the US is working so hard to work for the rights of fathers. He even wrote a book I read called Father’s Rights’. We need more pioneers likes this in Spain. An organization like the US Fatherhood Educational Institute is needed here.

  2. I am glad the above poster mentioned Jeffery Leving, as he is the pioneer of the Fathers’ Rights Movement in the US. I hope the leadership in Europe is as smart and dedicated as Leving is, so fathers everywhere can have the equal rights they deserve!

  3. I commend these Spanish fathers for taking a stand for their rights, and their children’s rights to form a strong, close bond with their father. Jeffery Leving, a fathers’ rights advocate for over 30 years, heads up a State of Illinois Commission (www.responsiblefatherhood.com) which is focused on the same goals: promoting and strengthening fatherhood involvement in their children’s lives. Fathers around the world support these goals — never give up hope in the pursuit of equality for fathers’ rights!

  4. I was a devastated parent just like you once fighting for custody for my daughter. I finally won the battle with the help of the Law Offices of Jeffery M. Leving, Ltd. My attorneys never gave up and stood by my side through it all. They will help you too. You shouldn’t fight this alone!


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