Gibraltar beats Spain in Spanish review

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Celebrating National Day.

THE Spanish newspaper El Pais has revealed the findings of a report compiled by Spanish marketing organisation Mesias which formulates an opinion on the recognition and value of the ‘brand names’ of different countries and territories around the world.

According to this report which is based on a combination of tourism, exports, foreign direct investment and immigration, Spain falls 36th in the league table whilst the UK is one place behind at 37.

Amazingly, Gibraltar is named as number 1 which must come as not only a shock, but a kick in the teeth for the Spanish Foreign Ministry which apparently takes this table quite seriously.


The Mesias website says that “its system (Brand Spain System Applied Intelligence) is a scientific tool for monitoring and measuring which allows a quantitative analysis of the evolution of our country brand, facilitating the detection of strengths and weaknesses, and the issue of strategic recommendations for strengthening the competitive positioning of the brand Spain.

The project, promoted by the Office of the High Commissioner for Brand Spain and developed by the School of Business and Marketing ESIC, is integrated into the Observatory of the Mark who runs the Elcano Royal Institute. Thanks to this support, features synergies and resources needed to fully measure the evolution of the country’s reputation nationally and internationally.”

With a pedigree like that, their findings must be accurate.




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