Huge amount of hashish seized


AGENTS of the National Police have broken up an organization which introduced huge amounts of hashish in Spain in a police operation that has developed in four phases according to a release issued on March 15. 

The police have seized more than five tons of the drug and 20 people have been arrested. Those arrested included some who worked from Ceuta with the drugs coming from Morocco before being sent in trucks with double bottoms and RHIB boats to five Spanish cities.

Investigations began a year ago, when agents learnt of several individuals who were engaged in the sale of hashish in Madrid and various cities in northern Spain. The agents were able to link these people with a highly structured Huelva based organisation which employed import and export companies to send different goods to Ceuta legally in order to mask their illegal activity. 


The police operation has developed in four phases since last January. In the first one a truck from Ceuta at the Port of Algeciras with double bottom, carrying more than two tons of hashish was intercepted. Furthermore, in the vehicle cab two illegal license plates were found, which would be used to ‘disguise’ the truck whilst driving in Spain.

In the second phase three additional tons of the same drug were seized and in the third a semi-rigid boat that was about to collect four bales of hashish was intercepted off the coast of Ceuta. 

Finally, in a fourth phase, the agents visited several properties, where they seized more than €40,000 in cash, three firearms, extensive documentation, mobile phones and nine vehicles together with arresting 20 people in Algeciras, Ceuta and Huelva, including three policemen.



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