Yet another successful conviction for serial rapist


SERIAL rapist Francisco Jose Jimenez Camara now has accumulated prison sentences totalling 88 years.

The computer studies teacher, a married man from San Vicente del Raspeig who cornered women in deserted underground car parks, was recently convicted of his first known rape which occurred in October 1998.  

He threatened his victim with a knife as she returned from visiting a friend and dragged her into the entrance of a car park. This differed from all Jimenez’s subsequent sexual assaults only in his later preference for raping his victims inside the car parks.


His victim has never forgotten the way he looked at her, she said, and she could still recognise Jimenez Camara in 2013 after police linked him to a string of rapes committed between 2005 and 2013. He was discovered only when an off-duty officer recognised him from victims’ descriptions.

Vital DNA results could not be presented in this latest case, as the victim’s top had been mislaid, giving rise to fears the rapist could be acquitted. He was also ordered to pay €9,000 to the victim.



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