Improving safety for cyclists in Mallorca

© flickr by Circula Seguro
BICYCLE PATHS: Improvements will be made for cyclists’ safety.

THE Council of Mallorca has developed a plan to make bicycle paths in Mallorca safer for cyclists.

In total, 40 improvements are planned which are expected to be completed over the course of the next few years.  Of the 40, 32 will be improvements to the main road network. 

Eight of the improvements will be of municipal roads and agreements will need to be reached with the various municipalities to carry them out.


This year, plans have been made to improve the bicycle routes on the Ma-10 (Vallde-mossa-Esporles) and the Ma-1041 (Puigpunyent-Establecimientos, starting from the turn-off to Calvia).  

Other improvements of various pathways will be made each year ending in 2019.

According to Vice-president and councillor for Culture, Heritage and Sports Francisco Miralles, the intention is to prioritise the safety of cyclists, promote sport on the island and focus more on cycle tourism as an important economic factor which lengthens the tourist season on the island.


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