Hunter is fined for illegal sheep killing

© Espuña (photo by Manfred Moitzi, Flickr)
SHEEP FINE: Man fined €6,000 for killing a barbary sheep in the Sierra Espuña regional park.

A HUNTER has been fined €6,000 for killing a Barbary sheep in the Sierra Espuña regional park.

The Murcia Regional Government launched a project in recent months to reduce the number of sheep in the mountains by means of a controlled cull, but one hunter has been fined for a killing which took place before the scheme and cull started.

The hunting took place in September 2009 and the following February the fine was imposed with his hunting licence withdrawn for four years. The man appealed to the High Court claiming he was never informed of the punishment and there was no proof he shot the four-year old sheep, but the High Court of Murcia has now upheld the original punishment.



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