Huge number of arrests through operation Florence

Six guns were seized.

THIRTY people have been arrested as part of operation Florence carried out by the Guardia Civil according to a report released on March 14. The raid saw 29 houses searched and the seizure of 2600 kilos of hashish, 16 vehicles, and more than €60,000 in cash, six guns and multiple mobile phones and documents. 

Established in the provinces of Cadiz, Barcelona, ​​Malaga and Huelva, the operation has allowed the dismantling of a criminal organisation specialising in violent drug assaults. Of the people arrested, 21 of them were Moroccan nationals, eight Spanish nationals and one of Senegalese nationality. 

Following a series of violent assaults in Cadiz and Barcelona the operation was initiated in 2015. 


An intensive investigation was carried out and it was deemed that the criminal gang had international connections with other similar gangs in Morocco. 

The Guardia Civil stated that the gang also allegedly masqueraded as members of the security forces and these criminals have abducted and tortured victims demanding information concerning consignments of hashish. The gang allegedly had contacts in France where they would trade drugs for necessary weapons. 

Carried out by the Judicial Police of the Guardia Civil in Cadiz, Huelva and Barcelona this operation has seen the cooperation of the Autonomous Police and the Moroccan Royal Gendarmerie.  Operation Florence is still on-going. 



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