Eradicating fly-tipping

© Philip Lange / Shutterstock
LOCAL POLICE: Will ensure certain areas are kept free of rubbish.

VILLAJOYOSA’S Environment department intends to eradicate fly-tipping in rural areas. It is vital for the public to realise how much harm they do, said Pedro Alemany, La Vila’s Environment councillor.  

Country lanes, public roads and open countryside are currently being inspected to locate and remove litter and rubbish. The town’s Local Police will keep a watch on these areas to ensure that they are kept free of rubbish.

“The environment is endangered by fly tipping anywhere in the countryside or on rural roads,” Alemany said. “This rubbish, ranging from organic waste to furniture and junk is not only ugly, but it also pollutes.”



  1. hello
    i would be very glad to collect the fly tipping waste in any area ,can you advise me the correct contact details of which person and which department within the town hall so i can get the correct authority to collect it


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