Opinion poll shows growth in support for Ciudadanos

© La Moncloa Gobierno de España
Albert Rivera who is forecast to take seats from Mariano Rajoy.

ALTHOUGH recent opinion polls around the world have not been particularly accurate, the latest, undertaken by GESOP and published in El Periodico on March 11, will bring cheer to some political parties in Spain and possibly fear to others.

Although there is no major polarisation as far as voters swinging from right to left or vice versa, there are some marked changes, which if converted to a new election would see a further fall for the Popular Party (PP) with a movement of up to 20 seats to Ciudadanos.

The socialist PSOE, whose leader Pedro Sanchez is trying to form a new government, would remain much as it is now, but the quirky left wing Podemos could lose as many as seven seats to the United Left, meaning that Ciudadanos would become the third largest party in the Spanish Cortes.


This is, of course, all speculation based on a small percentage of the population, and even if repeated in new elections would still not give the PSOE/Ciudadanos alliance an overall majority, but it does give both the PP and the squabbling Podemos something to think about.



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