Indian and Spanish consortium buys historic London building

© Robert Cutts flickr
War Office: The old building in Whitehall, Central London has been bought for an undisclosed amount.

ALTHOUGH the concept of the deal was first announced in 2014, it wasn’t until March 2 of this year that a consortium between the Hinduja Group of India and OHLD of Spain formally purchased the old War Office building in Whitehall, Central London for an undisclosed amount on a 250-year lease.

Once the workplace of Sir Winston Churchill during the Second World War, the 1,100 room building, which is literally a stone’s throw away from Downing Street and a short walk from the Houses of Parliament, has been the home of the Ministry of Defence since 1964, which has now had to find accommodation elsewhere.

The building will now be restored and redeveloped into a five-star hotel, private function rooms, a spa and fitness centre and a number of prestigious apartments. 


Although the historic building passes from government ownership, its facade will be preserved.


  1. Disgraceful. Why is the government so keen on selling off to foreigners all of Britain’s monumental buildings?
    Surely we can develop them ourselves and keep them British. Next they will be selling off the Houses of Parliament!

  2. I may be wrong but I do not see anything wrong with this. The building has been leased for cash. The leaseholders will maintain it. A hotel will mean employment.Foreign companies invest in the UK .
    Who cares who owns it. Your government; all governments since 1972 have committed treason by giving away our sovereignty to another state. See this to find out what previously has been hidden from you


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