Food alerts detected in Mallorca

© flickr by Nicolas Obrist
FOOD: A sampling of some typical Mallorcan products.

THE Department of Public Health registered a total of 58 food alerts in 669 establishments on the islands in 2015.

The Health Department in the Balearics periodically conducts health inspections to ensure that food sold in the islands poses no health risks. The main objective of the inspections is to ensure that the food is safe for human consumption and that food products are well identified and labelled to avoid allergic reactions.

Of the 58 alerts registered in the Balearics, 48 posed a serious risk and required fast and effective action.  Eight of the cases were not serious or there was no possibility of the products being sold for human consumption.  Two cases were found unsafe for ‘various reasons’. 


A hundred and twenty-eight different food products were affected including meat and meat products, fish and shellfish, milk and dairy products, flour products, condiments, spices and prepared foods among others.



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