Alicante soldiers assist in fight against DAESH

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SOLDIER TRAINING: Soldiers from Alicante have helped trained those in Iraq.

MORE than 2,000 soldiers and police officers in Iraq have been trained by soldiers from the Rabasa base in Alicante.

Soldiers from the Special Operations Command (MOE) go out to Iraq for six-months, giving instruction at a centre in Baghad airport and the Taji air force base.

Spain belongs to the multinational contingent currently in Iraq, teaching local soldiers and police urban combat techniques in their fight against DAESH.


One of the units trained by Alicante instructors took part in retaking Ramadi last December after it had fallen into the hands of DAESH and revealed the commanding officer of the latest contingent of Alicante men to return from a tour of duty: “They are convinced that freeing their country from the Daesh is their responsibility and they are proud to do so,” he said.




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