Bou embolat ban by Benitachell

© Joan Puigcerver
VETOED: A sight that will no longer be seen.

BENITACHELL has vetoed the bou embolat and bou encaixonat versions of bull-running.

Bulls will no longer suffer the terror of burning brands fixed to their horns or endure being boxed before they are released during fiestas events.

Benitachell, concerned about animal welfare, has eliminated both events from this year’s programme. 


Other Marina Alta towns with bull-running traditions like Ondara and Javea have prohibited these spectacles that inflict great suffering, argued mayor Josep Femenia.  

 “We should adapt the fiestas to the times,” Femenia said.

Nevertheless there are no plans to ban bous al carrer which, as in Ondara and Javea, will still be included in fiestas, while Javea retains its bous a la mar.

Femenia apologised if the decision meant rearranging the fiestas’ programme but insisted that this was the right moment to show that Benitachell is a town that is “open, understanding and knows how to enjoy itself considerately and amicably.”



  1. Dear readers: Please share this idea worldwide: let’s all send protest letters to spanish government&its embassies worldwide, it’ll get their attn. also boycott Spain its tourism&prodects as a protest, I guarrantee you, humanity ‘ll win (and don’t forget the latin american countries, that have same, or /and similar” traditions”Unless we act forcefully and actively by deeds, it won’t end, so action speak louder then words.

  2. With the popularity of Bullfighting being under scrutiny,it seems that the Spanish have invented a brand new game. Its played all over Towns and Cities in particular but variations are common in rural parts also.

    The rules are complicated but its played by all ages,in fact the older players are more adept than the young ones. The Spanish name for this rapidly growing sport eludes me but in English its roughly translated as;

    “Let’s jump out on to Zebra crossings without looking, scaring oncoming drivers s******s”.!!

    With indicators not being fitted on Spanish cars, this is another extension of Spanish ingenuity. I have involuntary played this game several times but failed to hit the opposition once. My biggest success was when I was actually on the crossing when a gaggle of locals decided to tee off,right in front of me,thus giving me a Spanish rollicking in quadruple for having the audacity to be on the crossing, driving and for being born.

    On another occasion I got several points for having to brake hard,causing the opposition female to almost fall over and die from a heart attack brought on by the screeching of tyres and my bumper kissing her thigh!!.

    With obvious fatal consequences being certain (Unable to find out how many points for that). When’s the next Bullfight in Alicante.


    Philip San Fulgencio.

  3. Such INHUMANE “events”,should be forbidden by local laws world wide.Spain (and all latin American countries, inc. the USA!)need brave kind folks to help set an opposition to such inhumanity,and create and enforce laws to protect animals.

  4. Spain is fast becoming famous for the wrong reasons, that is abhorrent animal cruelty!!!!!!!!!!! What you do to bulls and galgos dogs is horrendous. Shame on all people in Spain who torture animals to their death. Galgos dogs suffer from the moment they are born until they are brutally killed by disgusting people. Bulls die in pain and agony. How can a so called civilized country legalise such brutal cruelty to animals???????????? shame, shame shame!!!

  5. As long as they continue to perform these inhumane acts acts against Bulls and Dogs, I will NEVER visit this country. I would encourage anyone else to do so as well

  6. What on earth is this country thinking!? This is not entertainment !! This is a barbaric act of animal cruelty…who are the real animals here? Shame on this government for allowing this animal cruelty to continue in the name of entertainment


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