Alicante province promotes entrepreneurs

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BUSINESS CENTRES: Aimed to promote entrepreneurship and develop new businesses.

SO-CALLED ‘business incubators,’ providing cheaper rent and support for new entrepreneurs, are becoming more popular across Alicante province with some facilities even having a waiting list.

In Alicante there are two municipally owned centres that opened between 2007 and 2009 in Mercalicante and in the industrial area of Agua Amarga. Less than a decade later, they have gone on to house around 80 new companies with approximately 70 per cent becoming successful and generating around 145 direct jobs according to Blas Gomez from the Local Development Agency, responsible for the project centres.

The Chamber of Commerce created 18 offices available to new entrepreneurs in Elche Business Park in Torrellano and all are occupied with a waiting list in place. The city is keen to promote new business with 73 firms in the science park of the University Miguel Hernandez and the European Business Innovation Centre (BIC); the oldest operating Elche facility since 1990, has 20 offices available, of which 17 are occupied.


For entrepreneurs, choosing to be based within one of these facilities, gives them the chance to build and develop their business with less cost than if they were renting a unit independently and with less paperwork. They can rent space for five years which may be extended to eight.




  1. Sounds good, anything that helps a small business is a good move as small business has a lot more benefits to the economy that many people realise including politicians!


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