Sky’s the limit in Torre del Mar

© flickr by Jose M Martin Jimenez
Patrulla Aguila: Will be present at Torre del Mar’s First Annual Air Show in July.

MORE than 30 aircraft are set to participate in a spectacular air show that will hit Torre del Mar in July. 

The first annual Torre del Mar Air Show will feature the presence of everything from fighter jets like the Eurofighter to the Patrulla Aguila (Eagle Patrol), the aerobatic team of the Spanish Air Force. In addition, there will be various planes from other countries, including France, England, and Italy.  

On July 29 and 30, attendees will be able to watch the training exercises. The big show take places on July 31. 


Velez-Malaga Mayor Antonio Moreno Ferrer has said the show “is a great option to strengthen touristic potential.”


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