Making it Happen for women in Spain

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International Women's Day is being celebrated with the campaign of ´Pledging for Parity´

ACROSS THE WORLD the fight for gender equality is an on-going struggle. Social, economic, cultural and political sectors have seen achievements in egalitarianism but many people believe there is still much more to be done. 

This year, International Women´s Day is being celebrated on March 8 with the campaign of ´Pledging for Parity´ which invites everyone, men and women, to pledge to take concrete steps to help achieve gender equality more quickly. 

In support of this, an event, hosted in the Costa del Sol to celebrate women; on March 11, will see an event called ´MakeItHappen´, organised by Costa Women and 1230 The Women’s Company at Andalucia Lab in Marbella.


This will see a collection of talks, seminars and personal stories presented with advice and ideas for women in Business from a range of International Speakers. 

The event is supporting calls for more gender-balanced leadership, respect and value difference and the development of more inclusive and flexible cultures within the workplace and also to root out workplace bias. 

International Women´s Day website states; ´Each of us can be a leader within our own spheres of influence and commit to take pragmatic action to accelerate gender parity´. 


  1. silly me – I really believed that equality had happened.
    Go back to the 70’s – I was on my own with three children. Doing shop work I was lucky to get 20pound a week- I got a job delivering motor parts .- 35pound a week- great till I realised they paid the men 70 and I was still expected to park and cart an exhaust half a mile up the road- two weeks was enough.


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