Drug Stats – Figures published showing cannabis as the most commonly used drug in Spain

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453 cannabis factories were destroyed by the Guardia Civil last year.

AN ASTONISHING 453 cannabis factories were destroyed by the Guardia Civil last year. 

More than 1,260 raids on cannabis plantations were made and over 1,800 people were arrested in relation to the growing or cultivating of cannabis in 2015. 

New statistics issued by the Guardia Civil have shown the extent of the cultivation of cannabis throughout Spain with a total of 109,252 plants confiscated and a total weight of 27,313kg of dried marijuana. 


The majority of the cannabis factories were located outdoors and another 111 were indoor factories. The arrested parties were from Spain, UK, Netherlands, Romania and Morocco. 

Operation Miller, conducted by the Guardia Civil, has demonstrated that the most commonly used illicit drug in Spain is cannabis. The European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA) 2015, has issued a report stating that Spain is the second country in Europe with the largest consumption of the illegal drug. Although hashish, which comes mainly from North Africa, is the form of cannabis most trafficked and consumed, there has been a growing trend in marijuana plantations springing up in the country. 



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