First case of Zika in Alicante – Confirmed case in teenage boy

Photo by John Tann, Flickr
CONFIRMED CASE: Zika virus present in teenager in Alicante province

THE first Zika case has been confirmed in Alicante province.

The Ministry of Health confirmed the presence of the virus in a 16-year resident in Alicante province, after a trip to Colombia. After returning to Spain, the teenager showed symptoms of joint pain, fever and rash. The National Centre for Microbiology carried out blood and urine tests and confirmed it was the Zika virus.

The patient has improved and is said to be recovering well. The Ministry of Health said there has now been 32 cases diagnosed throughout Spain, all imported from countries affected by the virus.


As a result, the Department of Health and Public Health Universal has deployed a plan to control the disease including increased and updated information to health centres to detect possible cases of people affected. The second part of the plan is to target mosquito control that can transmit the illness.



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