Fire in Estepona on busy Pedestrian Street

John Smith
Fireman hosing down the Cafeteria Real building

ON MARCH 5, at the busiest time on a Saturday afternoon just prior to shops shutting and the crowds of people heading for lunch, a firm of demolition experts started to pull down the old Cafeteria Real building on Calle Real.

Despite all of their precautions, something went wrong as for some reason and it can be assumed that there was an electrical short, the building caught fire as it was being demolished and after a 112 call, the fire brigade turned up to extinguish the flames.

Once they had done this and left, the demolishers continued their work using a bulldozer but with one of their workers playing a hose over the building from time to time. Happily there are no reports of any injuries but at least the crowd of shoppers had something to keep them amused for a while.




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