The jewel of Salobreña opens its doors once again

Flickr by: Allie Caulfield
The Castillo de la Villa Arabic Castle

SALOBREÑA’S crowning glory, the Castillo de la Villa Arabic Castle, is once again open to the public. However, only certain parts of the castle can be visited as workers are still studying some recently discovered archaeological remains.

Restoration work on the castle began in 2014, and at the same time archaeological research was permitted to take place. Ultimately this research led to the discovery of a large Turkish bath possibly linked to the Nasrid dynasty.

Since the beginning of the initial renovations, the castle has typically alternated visiting periods but storms and rough seas last October obliged it to be closed completely for safety reasons.


Now the castle is opening its doors again part-time, and the restoration work is rocketing towards completion. The castle is expected to re-open definitively in April. 



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