Drug tests increased in Murcia Bid to make roads safer in Region

Drug tests increased in Murcia Bid to make roads safer in Region

MORE than 140 drivers in the Murcia Region have tested positive for drugs so far this year.

Up until February 21, a total of 356 drug tests had been carried out on different roads in the Region, with 142 resulting in a positive result.

Throughout 2015, there were almost 900 drivers driving whilst under the influence of drugs, out of 1,992 tests carried out.


Driving under the influence of toxic drugs and narcotics is punishable by a fine of €1,000, six points and withdrawal of your diving license for three months. If drivers are found to be endangering the security a prison sentence of three to six months or community service can be issued.

The Provincial Traffic Department, responsible for improving road safety and promoting safe mobility, said they are carrying out a “great” effort to make municipal officials aware that proper monitoring and control of drugs on urban roads contribute substantially to improving road safety of the municipalities. As a result, 185 drug control kits have been issued to the towns including San Javier, Yecla, Molina de Segura and Aguilas.

These municipalities were selected for having signed the Bilateral Basic Agreement and the commitment to make at least twice as many controls.

To carry out a drug test, generally first a breathalyser test is carried out followed by a saliva sample with a special device that can detect the presence or not of illegal substances.



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