Brexit causing tourist bedlam


Benidorm business-owners are in agreement on a potential Brexit: they don’t want it.

With the in-out referendum fixed for June 23, the local hotel and catering trade is naturally worried about a possible ‘no’ victory.   Should Britain leave the European Union this could affect freedom of movement for visitors coming to Spain, predicted the vice-president of the Hosbec hoteliers’ association, Javier Garcia.

But Brexit uncertainly until June will have a short-term effect whatever the outcome as March, April and May are key months when sales and bookings are made, Hosbec said.  


Benidorm depends on British clients – 4.7 million last year – and with the pound falling against the euro, the tourist sector will be less competitive.


  1. They will find that amazingly they will still get those pesky British holiday makers… big surprise eh!

    What do they think will happen, NEWS HEADLINES ………. Spain finally cuts its throat and blocks the biggest contributor to its tourism economy …………. yes right!

    14,971,194 British in 2014, 50% more than the next nearest rival nationality, France 10,931,668!

  2. the biggest concern is the economic migrants from the e/u and after 450,000 new national insurance numbers issued for them in 2014/15 and 650,000 in 2015/18 now were told 75,000,000 Muslims from turkey are next to enter the E/U-the quicker we brits are out the better


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