Groom doesn’t make it to his stag night but still ends up in handcuffs

Adrian Pinkstone Wikimedia
Ryanair Boeing 737-800 aircraft taking off

UPDATE: The original police report from Germany did indeed appear to suggest that the groom had been arrested but this has now been retracted and by all accounts whilst six men were arrested, the groom did go on to Bratislava to ‘enjoy’ his stag night less half of the party.

SO RIOTOUS were six members of a British stag party flying from Luton to Bratislava in Slovakia that the pilot of the Ryanair flight decided that for the safety of his passengers, he would have to divert to Berlin to have them removed on the evening of February 26.

There were actually 12 members of the party on the flight, but six of them, including the groom became so drunk that when the cabin crew refused to serve any more alcohol they allegedly became abusive and for some reason, one member of the group stripped off.


Upon landing at the Berlin airfield, police who had been pre-alerted to the problem boarded the aircraft and arrested the six men whilst the flight continued with the other six who had not been arrested flying on to celebrate the stag night without the groom.

Those arrested were later released but not only did they have to find their own way out of Germany but could also be fined up to €25,000 for their actions and probably face travel bans from various airline in the future.


  1. “Stag Groom Victimised By Dodgy News Media” would be a more accurate headline. Turns out the groom, Josuha Mariner, was NOT arrested, was NOT drunk, went on to complete his stag do with 5 others, and has issued a statement condemning the 6 who caused the trouble. He is also seeking legal advice over the press release that said he was among these arrested when he was most certainly not. At time of writing, this EWN article has not yet been updated with the new information. I’m assuming it will be in due course.

    But you know who I feel most sorry for? Abi Whitmore, the bride to be. “Sympathy For Abi” would make a nice headline too. Another might be “Don’t Believe Everything You read In The Newspapers.” I am not criticising the EWN by the way. You can only report the info you are given. Full marks though if you update this item quickly to reveal the truth about the groom.

  2. Thank you John. Good man. I guess the I.T. system won’t let you change the headline without writing a whole new story, but thank you for the update.

    You and the other staff are great writers by the way. Long live the Euro Weekly News!


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